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Secretary of Education Hop

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Volunteer Opportunities

Here are some volunteer opprunities students can do.

Public Libraries

Teen Volunteer for Public Libraries

Volunteering at a library is easy to get into, and the tasks are simple to do. At the library, the student can help in many ways, such as stocking the shelves with books, helping to prepare events, cleaning up the space, helping borrowers, and much more. This is a perfect opportunity for students who prefer working in a calm place, and perhaps finding a new buddy. Volunteering at the library can show that you are involved in your community and have a strong personal identity.

Volunteer at the Pet Shelter

Volunteering at a shelter may be a dream for pet lovers. The volunteer will undergo extensive training to help inside the shelter, organize special events, and assist mass adoption days. Volunteering here can help in future Veterinarian efforts.

Volunteer at Food Banks

Food Banks are one of the easiest and highest rewarding places to volunteer at. At the foodbank, the volunteer packs food items in hot or cold locations. Food banks are fun and highly interactive places so you can find new friends. Food banks give work experience and can add value to a resume in applying for a job. This can help people who have less work experience.

Teen Ambassador for Arts Centers

Art centers provide a plethora of activities for a student to do. The student can help professional art instructors and train students. Ambassadors can also give tours, make videos for the art centers, and more. Either way, being an ambassador for an art center will make the student go through diligent tasks. The student can gain valuable experience that can be put on resumes for jobs and colleges

Volunteer for local Churches and Religious Organizations

Volunteering at religious centers can make the volunteer feel a strong sense of peace. To spread kindness, he or she will distribute food, make sure the place is clean, and provide other services to the visitors.


Narrow down volunteer opportunities.

Dallas Animal Services

Dallas Animal Services

Dallas Animal Services operates an animal shelter where individuals can engage in meaningful volunteer work caring for animals. The process to start volunteering is straightforward and accessible.

Dallas Animal Services Website
North Texas Food Bank

North Texas Food Bank

NTFB is one of the biggest and most popular food bank in the Texas Area. Opportunities will take some time to show up, however.

North Texas Food Bank Website
Operation Kindness

Operation Kindness

Operation Kindness is a leading animal welfare organization in Texas, providing veterinary care, companionship, and homes for animals in need. It operates a lifesaving shelter in Carrollton, TX.

Operation Kindness Website
Houston Food Bank

Houston Food Bank

Houston Foodbank is the biggest food bank in the Houston area. Here the volunteer will pack food into containers.

Houston Food Bank Website
Feeding America

Feeding America

Feeding America is a U.S.-based nonprofit with a network of over 200 food banks, providing meals to more than 46 million people through various community agencies such as food pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters.

Feeding America Website
The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army helps the homeless and people in need. The volunteer will have to work with these people and cater to their needs.

The Salvation Army Website
Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

The Habitat for Humanity provides affordable home items to raise money for people in need. Volunteers will need to help customers and manage the store.

Habitat for Humanity Website


Here are some upcoming volunteering event that Education Hop will be hosing.

Poster for Education Hop

Help volunteer students about coding HTML and CSS!

The Education Hop is a volunteer event that may be a wonderful opportunity for high school students to share and understand their knowledge and skills in the STEM program. The event's main objective is to teach participants website building techniques, especially HTML and CSS, both of which are critical abilities in the current digital world. The nonprofit HSBuilds, which strives to create excellent websites for businesses and start-ups, is the event's sponsor. By supporting this event, HSBuilds is encouraging the next generation of web developers and equipping kids with the skills they need to become leaders in the innovation industry. Students can develop as people, learn new skills, and give back to their community by volunteering, which is a great opportunity.

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